Who we are

SYU is a non-profit grassroots youth group that provides space for immigrant/migrant youth to share their concerns and take leadership in engaging with their communities to address those concerns. Our work centres around Scarborough youths’ valuable lived experiences. 

What we do

SYU provides leadership development and civic engagement opportunities for youth across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). SYU strongly believes in building capacity in our communities and infuses leadership training opportunities throughout our event and project planning processes so that youth have opportunities to practice their skills, develop knowledge and reflect on their lived experiences to realize their power and potential.

For example, we encourage youth participating in our tutoring program to become tutors for younger students. In addition, during COVID-19, SYU trained working-class immigrant youth on the eligibility criteria of different benefit programs, allowing them to help their parents - as well as other precariously-employed immigrant/migrant workers in their communities, many with language barriers - to apply for those benefit programs. 

Our Vision

A community of connected and empowered youth

Our Mission

SYU’s mission is to enable youth to realize their power and potential.  

We are a grassroots group creating space for working class Southeast and East Asian youth to find strength in our own lived experiences, share our concerns, and work collectively to address those concerns. 

While our focus is to support and empower Southeast and East Asian youth, we welcome other working class and/or racialized youth from other communities.

Our Values

We are committed to: 

  • striving for accessible and culturally relevant ways to address concerns
  • understanding our connectedness to issues within and outside our communities
  • engaging in intergenerational learning
  • following Indigenous leadership as respectful guests on Dish with One Spoon territory (land where Scarborough is currently situated)